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Meet the Team:


Dean Hi everyone, my name is Dean and I am Head Coach for the club.
I am passionate about training, sport and especially swimming.
I believe that everyone deserves access to good teaching and coaching.
It gives me great pleasure that, as a club, we offer that to the very best of our ability.
Hi, I'm Peter, Swim Coach and Teacher
I've been swimming and still swim, for a long time, too long to mention!
I've a passion for the club and started helping out by getting the lane ropes sorted and everything else came from there!
My greatest pleasure is seeing the swimmers achieving the results that their hard work deserves!
I do my best to be approachable to everyone, so come and say Hi!

Hey, I'm Nicki, Swimming Teacher, and Squad Coaching assistant.

Swimming has been a lifelong passion of mine as a club swimmer, recreationally with family and friends, and within my teaching and coaching of others.

I wrote a song/poem about swimming (whilst learning the guitar), and the chorus goes: -

I swim for Fitness, I swim for Fun,
I swim to Relax, Its my number One!

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