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Personal Information

1066 swimmers (the club) collects and holds personal data for the purposes of communication with its members and registered users and for managing access to services on the club's web site. The data comprises names, contact details and personalisation settings of past and current club members and registered users and is compiled and held in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

How the club uses your personal data

Personal data is used to identify past and current club members and registered users and provide them with information regarding the club and the activities and events it organises. The names and addresses of all current members constitute a mailing list used to distribute, either by post or by e-mail, information related to the club and aquatic activities. The mailing list may, from time to time, be used to distribute material for third parties. In these cases the material distributed must be relevant to aquatics. The mailing list or other personal data is not given or sold to any third party.

Personal information on the website

The website (www.1066swimmers.org.uk) provides a mechanism for site users to register and access club services.  Certain contact information is required in order to provide these services and this information is held on the club's web server. Registered users may check or update their personal details on the web site as required.

Access to personal data is strictly limited to the individual and the Club's secretariat.  All personal information is encrypted during transmission between the server and a user's browser. If you have any concerns about your personal information please contact the web site admin.


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These session cookies are strictly necessary to the correct operation of the web site and, under the Privacy and Electronic Communications regulations (May 2011), do not require user consent. If you have your internet browser set to reject all cookies this site may not work correctly for you.

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